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Survivors of Crime Advocate Program
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We provide culturally informed, supportive services by weaving advocacy, strength and empowerment on your journey to healing.

Our Mission:


To provide supportive services to survivors of crime in a manner that empowers the individual as they address the impact of the harm done to them. The program believes that supporting and strengthening crime victims also strengthens and restores balance to the Hoopa Valley Tribal Community.


As victim advocates, we strive to support you through the criminal justice system with the least amount of trauma to heal and strengthen. We:

                                    - Provide confidential emotional and moral support

                                    - Conduct on the scene crisis intervention

                                    - Act as a liaison between the victim, police officers, investigators, and service providers

                                    - Provide information and referrals

                                    - Help prepare victims for court and provide court advocacy and accompaniment

Emergency Support:

Services are provided to victims of crime that may include transportation, emergency hotel, food, clothing, gas, cell phone, eyeglass repair, and home repair support such as lock and window replacement.

Legal Assistance:

We help qualifying victims of crime to receive assistance from an attorney in exercising their rights and navigating through legal matters. Our mission is to seek to protect victims' rights in the following areas:






Hoopa Valley Tribal Advocate Program Services:

Administration: Monday – Friday (8:00 am - 5:00 pm)
Mailing Address: Post Office Box 1389
                             Hoopa, CA 95546
Phone Number: (530) 625-4305 x. 309 or x. 304
Email: or

Crisis Lines

Memorize these numbers or write them in a secure place.

Hoopa Valley Tribal Advocate Program Phone: (707) 606-9145

Humboldt Domestic Violence Services (HDVS): (707) 443-6042

Humboldt Domestic Violence Services 24/7 Support Line (toll free): (866) 668-6543

Strong Hearts Hotline: 1 (844) 762-8483